Coupes de Champagne

For several years now, teambuilding activities have become more and more diverse, ranging from simple afterworks in the evening after a good day's work, to a whole day of water skiing. Some companies prefer to turn to something more gourmet : tastings.

There are all kinds of events : food, cocktails... Some even offer you to cook and then taste your own creation. So we're going to guide you through these events in this article.

Why organize a Teambuilding ?

The main objective of a Teambuilding is to strengthen the links between its collaborators and to get out of the context of work which can be stressful, to be able to breathe a little.

It can also allow the integration of newcomers in the teams who have not yet had the opportunity to meet each other because it is complicated to get to know each other around a desk.

It also allows you to reward your teams, for example at the end of the year or a difficult period. This notion of reward is important, because it allows to improve the natural leadershipof his team while being entertaining.

Depending on the activities proposed, this can also lead them to discover each other from another angle, to listen to each other and to think together. This can improve communication within the same team or the company in general.

These activities can be very beneficial for the atmosphere within the company and a breath of fresh air in the professional routine.

The different types of Teambuilding

There are many different types of activities that can be done in a teambuilding:

Cultural activities: You can discover a region by traveling its roads and visiting its points of interest. Visit museums full of history or to expose themes that you would never have thought to discover.

Sports activities: It is also possible to challenge your body to push it to its limits, for example by doing an obstacle course with colleagues. There are also activities that are tiring for me, such as going to discover car racing on a circuit. The sports activities are really diverse and varied.

Culinary activities: Discover your senses by learning new flavors. You can learn how to make chocolate or cook some of the dishes from elsewhere. Mixology is also a popular activity, learn how to make cocktails and then treat your friends.

Brain activities: Solve a mystery or participate in a police investigation. Escape games are also very popular right now. Use your skills and those of your teammates to get out of a room in a given time.

And what about the tasting ?

Corporate tasting is one of the most popular activities every year and is becoming more and more diversified. It is part of the culinary activities and occupies a very important place in this category.

However, the most common tastings are obviously wine tastings, but there are also tastings of spirits, beers ... There is also of course food, for example, discovering the different types of oysters in Côte d'Armor or tasting many flavors of chocolate in a chocolate factory.

These wine tastings can take different forms: blind tasting, several wines from a region, from a house, several vintages... This allows us to learn more about what we taste, whether it is wine, food or other. It is also possible that some people can bring their knowledge and thus create links within the team.

Want to try a tasting ?

At Domaine du Goût, we offer several types of tastings for companies: at a distance, on ZOOM. We send you in 2 days a box including a selection of drinks of your choice (wine, champagnes, beer or spirits) as well as dishes accompanying your choice. Or in person, choose the place and the nature of the tasting and we organize it for you in 1 month! So click here to discover all our offers.