événement entreprise de fin d'année

The end of the year is approaching fast, and you still haven't planned an event to gather your employees for this occasion? As a business owner, it often seems necessary to thank your employees for their work throughout the year. December is often a busy month and morale is low, so organizing an event to bring your team together is often an excellent idea. 

Discover our tips and ideas to make this moment friendly and unforgettable for all.

Why organize a year-end corporate event? 

Besides simply celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, planning such an event can have several benefits.

First of all, it can strengthen the team. It can be an opportunity for employees to get to know each other better. Indeed, given the sometimes varied work schedules, the separate offices... they could well be like strangers for each other. To achieve this objective, favor team building, interactive team games...

Also, it can be a good way to keep the motivation going and boost the morale. Even if the year was good in terms of performance and everyone gave their best, it is important to maintain their involvement. An end-of-year event can be an opportunity to remind everyone of the company's values, and why everyone has a place in it. In addition, a relaxed and stress-free moment will allow you to breathe a little during the end-of-year sprint that many companies are experiencing.  

Our tips for the organization

In order to guarantee everyone a pleasant moment without any headaches, remember to anticipate a maximum of details. Here is a small but not exhaustive list of things not to forget:

Find the perfect place : This will depend above all on your budget, and the event in question (indoor, outdoor...). It is important to plan ahead, especially when renting a room, because they can be very popular. Otherwise, unusual places are more and more in fashion. And to save money, you can also do it in your premises. In this case, remember to ask your municipality for an authorization if you also wish to welcome the families of your employees.

Seek input from those affected : depending on their age, their hobbies, their particularities: they will not necessarily like the same type of event. 

The choice of the date : preferably before the beginning of the school vacations, because otherwise the risk will be to face many unavailabilities (childcare...). Once the date is set, please send invitations so that everyone can get organized.  

Plan a snack or a meal : it makes the event even more convivial, allows to distract the children... However, be sure to take into account the dietary contraindications of each person and to plan dishes varied enough to satisfy the tastes of most people.

Our selection of ideas for a successful event

Running out of ideas? We've gathered a few for you: 

A sercret Santa : everyone has to draw the name of another person to whom they will have to give a gift. Simple, cheap, effective for creating or strengthening bonds. You can set a budget so that there are no inequalities. 

A private party : organize a festive evening around a good meal, with a thank you speech from you. You can set a theme or dress code to make the evening even more fun. 

An event for the employees' children : for example, a tea party. Here it is also possible to set a theme (magic, animals...), or invite a Santa Claus... Thinking of your employees' families is a gesture that will certainly touch them a lot. 

An outdoor outing : even in winter, there are many things to do outside! You can go to the skating rink, the cinema, organize a day in the mountains (skiing, raclette and mulled wine)...

An unusual event : employers are increasingly looking to diversify their end-of-year events. It can be a casino night, a costume party, a musical evening (karaoke, dance lessons...), an art-themed day (invite someone who does portraits or caricatures, or a photographer to create beautiful memories). 

A food-focused event : such as a cooking workshop, food or wine tasting, or organize a Christmas market at the company's premises. 

Organize a cultural tour : of a museum, a garden, a historical monument... or even a walk between several places worth visiting in the area. 

Think big : like privatizing a castle or a garden, and giving a reception and party there. Sure it requires a budget, but it's an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your employees. 

Our year-end events

Domaine du Goût can help you organize your end-of-year events. We offer several tastings, in person, in hybrid or online, led by our sommelier and a member of our team:

⦁ Wine tastings : exclusively French, in Premiers Crus or Grands Crus (the Prestige tasting). Possible accompaniments: cheeses, breads, macaroons, chocolates...

Champagne tastings : a selection of three French champagnes, accompanied by a choice of cheese or macaroons. 

⦁ Beer tastings : four Burgundian beers made by local artisans, with surprising flavors.

Spirits tastings : six French spirits produced in artisanal, historical or family-owned houses.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for a free and customized quote.