réunion au format hybride dans un bureau

As we know, the Covid crisis has been very difficult to go through for companies. Even more so for the event industry, which had to learn to renew itself. To keep the social link alive, many companies have resorted to video conferencing and other digital tools. While life has returned to normal, many have kept these working methods, or have opted for the hybrid method.

What is a hybrid event?

It is a gathering that takes place both physically and virtually. Some participants attend from behind their computers, while others attend in a face-to-face setting. This concept originated in the United States but has spread worldwide due to health restrictions. All participants can fully participate in the meeting thanks to the many technological innovations that exist today.

The platforms offer functionalities that allow to reproduce the same interactions as during physical events. It is possible to express oneself orally thanks to the microphone, to write in real time thanks to the chat. The organizer can subdivide the group into different meeting rooms, send questionnaires...

The advantages of the hybrid format

The hybrid owes its success to the fact that it offers both the advantages of a physical event and those of a digital event.

Regarding the virtual side, it allows to gather participants from all over the world and without any number restriction. This is very convenient even if it is sometimes necessary to make compromises due to time differences. The online meetings also allow, when they are recorded, to have access to replays. This is useful when you were unable to attend for one reason or another. It is also easier to evaluate the success of the event thanks to the data collected on the online audience and its engagement. 

In addition, this results in a considerable reduction in transportation costs as well as material costs (including sanitary costs as barrier procedures are respected at a lower cost). The reduction of travel also contributes to sustainable development. Finally, it saves time in terms of organization.

The advantages of face-to-face training are also present: we find a human and warm, friendly environment. It is also often easier to personalize the event for participants who are physically present. This will allow them to keep more precise memories.

Organize a hybrid event

Several golden rules must be observed to ensure a successful hybrid event.

To create real added value, you must first be careful not to privilege either of the two audiences. Often, face-to-face attendees are VIP guests, or those who are not familiar with new technologies. And this can lead, even involuntarily, to give them more importance. However, the audience behind the screen should not be neglected, as it must remain engaged throughout the meeting.

As far as the hardware is concerned, computer problems must be avoided at all costs. Indeed, the hybrid event depends from A to Z on the mastery of the hardware and software necessary for its development. It is therefore something that is easy to anticipate and mistakes will not be forgiven. Participants must be immersed from start to finish, no matter where they are.

For the face-to-face portion, and in the current economic climate, health protocols will need to be followed. On the one hand, to give clients confidence, and on the other hand, to avoid receiving a sanction from the state. 

Several studies have shown that many companies intend to extend this type of event even after the crisis is over. This is also the case for Domaine du Goût, which now offers its wine tastings online, but also in hybrid format!