Dégustation à distance de vin à travers un écran d'ordinateur avec plusieurs personnes

With the repeated confinements and the democratization of telecommuting in companies around the world, our lifestyles have changed radically. With work, our leisure activities have also had to adapt. The remote tasting through interposed screens has then developed with a dazzling success. 

The new way of tasting

Confinement obliges, bars, restaurants, events and group meetings were quickly behind us. These constraints pushed us to innovate and use the new technologies at our disposal to keep social links and interaction between friends, colleagues and family. The famous "skype apéro" or "apéro zoom" became an important part of our daily life, and a victory for video conferencing platforms that have experienced an unprecedented success.

The advantages of remote tasting

The remote tasting allowed us to stay in touch for sure, but it also allowed us to bring together people who are far away by distance. Friends or family living several kilometers away, but also telecommuting colleagues physically located in different cities, or spread all over the world.

How does a remote wine tasting work?

Everyone is at home, comfortably installed in their living room with accessories: a computer and a webcam, a glass, some wine and why not a few things to nibble. It is the most convivial event to get closer and break the routine confined to the house or apartment. Once you are comfortable, the tasting can begin, alone or accompanied. Indeed, several companies offer to accompany you during your remote tasting, but also to organize it from A to Z. Connection link on a defined platform, wines, explanatory cards, gustative accompaniments, tasting glasses, animation by a real sommelier, it's an event in its own right. This is the case for Domaine du Goût.

Discover our online tastings for individuals and companies

At Domaine du Goût, we have been organizing the most beautiful wine tastings for you for more than a year now. For individuals with Vins et Confidences, where you have the chance to taste four wines from two regions of two partner estates in the presence of the winemakers. But also for companies with Vins et Cie. On the program, a tasting of Burgundy first growths or champagnes with a choice of accompaniments (cheeses, chocolates, macaroons...). It is possible to ask for a personalization of your tasting cards, of your boxes and of your goodies (glasses, corkscrews, stop-drops...). The whole event is led by one of our sommelier trainers in French, English, Spanish or Italian. 

It is the ideal event to end a meeting, to organize a team building, to thank your customers or your collaborators. Want to discover more about our tastings to share a wonderful moment of conviviality from a distance? See below.