groupe de personnes qui trinquent avec du vin rouge et du vin blanc

You are celebrating a farewell party soon and you don't have any gift ideas for your colleague? Domaine du Goût lists its ideas to be sure not to make a mistake!

Must-have gifts

The personalized mug

With text, a photo of your cat, or a logo, there is a wide choice that allows you to give free rein to your imagination to leave a lasting memory to your colleague! A mug whose color changes in ten seconds by pouring his coffee at a temperature higher than 60 degrees, it also exists. The ideal gift to make your colleague smile with every sip, thinking of you at his new workplace.

A green plant

Because an office is always more pleasant when it is decorated with taste, offering a plant to a colleague at the time of his or her farewell party is a surprise that is always a pleasure. And yes, what could be better than to offer something alive so that your colleague can't forget you? Indeed, this little farewell gift will allow him or her to start their new professional experience in good company. However, if your colleague doesn't have a green thumb, a cactus is a very good alternative.

The wellness box 

In order to get a good start on your new life away from the company that stressed you so much, what better way to start than by being completely relaxed? A wellness session is the perfect gift to relax and clear your mind before embarking on new adventures.

Domaine du Goût gift ideas

If you are looking for an original, unique and personalized gift for your fellow wine or spirits lover, discover our offers:


Offer your colleague the wine he will have tasted and preferred! With the Domaine du Goût wine box, he receives a tasting box of six vinottes with three wines inside. He tastes and chooses his favorite. Finally, he receives three bottles of his favorite wine!


If your colleague is more of a spirits lover than a wine lover, offer him one of our superb spirits boxes 100% made from the know-how of our regions. Choose between 2 selections (a classic and a modern one) and make him travel all over France and its islands. From Dijon to Fort-de-France, it's a colorful journey!