The ideal gift to liven up the end of the year and enchant your customers, partners and employees

Offer the most original gift of the year. Our advent calendars offer a unique tasting experience that will delight every taste bud. 

Calendrier de l'avent domaine du goût XXL ouvert


The Prestige Calendar

Discover the most prestigious wine advent calendar. Inside, find the most beautiful wine appellations. Meursault, Saint-Emilion, Pic Saint-Loup, Côte-Rôtie, our calendar will surprise many! 

Our Prestige calendar offers a complete tasting experience, thanks to its interactive page. In addition to advice on each of the wines, a video of the winemaker will introduce you to the domain and the tasted wine. 


The Carrousel 100% organic

A selection of 24 French organic AOC wines to taste blind. Taste, guess and discover thanks to the scratch card included with the Calendar. To learn more about the wines and get tasting tips, simply scan the QR code on the card. 

The best part? A live chat every evening at 7pm with the winemaker of the day to learn everything about the domain and the wine. 

Calendrier de l'avent domaine du goût XXL ouvert
Calendrier de l'avent domaine du goût XXL ouvert


The XXL Calendar

Our wonderful wine advent calendar also exists in XXL version! 

A giant calendar of 1 meter 70 composed of 24 bottles of 75cl of wines or champagnes!

Ideal to animate a company party and enchant your collaborators or your customers!

Option: Organization of a tasting with one of our sommeliers to enhance your experience.

Think big for Christmas! 

Calendrier de l'avent domaine du goût XXL ouvert

Your 100% personalized calendar

We answer all your desires! 

Personalized greeting, calendar with your colors or your logo...

And why not add a greeting card for the new year with the advent calendar?

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Our advent calendars contain a selection of 24 French AOC wines in organic version or with prestigious appellations, in the form of Vinottes. These will allow you to carry out a wonderful tasting whether blind or not. 

In addition to the tasting, find interactive pages with information on each wine and videos or lives with the winemaker of the day to know everything about the domains and the vintages presented inside the calendars; 

The Vinotte is 2cl: it is the ideal quantity for tasting, the one that is served on the shows of wine growers for example. It corresponds to 2 sips, which allows you to make a precise opinion on the dress, the bouquet and the aromas.

The pre-selection is made by Thierry Dorge, instructor at the Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux in Paris. Thierry spends his days in the vineyards and at wine fairs, which allows him to learn more every day about wines and the wine world. He is there to find you wonderful wines, which are then proposed and validated during one of our intractable tasting committees.

Yes, all the wines in this calendar are different, you will not have the same one twice. You will be able to discover a great diversity of quality French wines during your blind tasting. 

Be patient! Still a little time to discover your 24 wonderful wines. The surprise of the wines is part of the game. Each day, discover your wine on the scratch card that comes with your calendar or go to our discovery page available in a few days to discover the wines.

Of course, the more the merrier! Share this wonderful blind tasting with your friends, colleagues or clients! You can order as many calendars as you want. We will send them either to a single delivery point or to different delivery points according to your wishes. 

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