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A 100% Made In France approach

Domaine du Goût is proud to be able to present a concept entirely Made In France: From the choice of materials, to the vinotte up to the design and logistics, everything is thought out and produced in France.

We are committed to the quality of our confections and our wines to provide you with a unique French experience.

sommelier consultant

Wines carefully selected by our sommelier Thierry Dorge


Your recommendations at the heart of our innovations

CSR protected workers

Boxes made by workers protected by ESAT

products made in France

Developed and made in France

Promote the work of our French winegrowers

Domaine du Goût is above all French winegrowers without whom we would not be here today. We are committed to promoting their know-how, their work and of course their wines.

La Vinotte® is the result of a long reflection with the winegrowers on the conservation of their wines. It allows you to taste before buying while respecting the pure expression of each wine.

Patricia and Cécile from the Clos de centeilles estate

(Domaine Clos Centeilles: Patricia and Cécile, mother and daughter)

Vinotte de vinovae

La Vinotte ®, a patented and eco-responsible technology!

Quality and taste are our priority! We want you to choose your wine with confidence and that the wine you taste in the Vinottes® perfectly reflects the wine you will be serving to your loved ones in a few months.

Developed and manufactured in France (Made In France), Vinotte® by Vinovae comes from a patented technology which allows the wine to be repackaged in sample under an inert atmosphere and devoid of oxygen. This product has been validated by numerous sommeliers and oenologists. It is therefore a total guarantee to taste a wine faithful to the development of our partner winegrowers. And what's more, it's recyclable !