Un vin servi dans un verre à pied l'été

Summer holidays are conducive to traveling, meeting people and also discovering new wines!
So, let yourself be guided and discover new appellations, regions or even colors ...
Get out of your comfort zone and explore new sensations!

1 / How to do the tasting?

First of all, proper dishes are key.
> Prefer a wine glass, ideally a tulip-shaped glass
> A glass for each wine
> Before starting the tasting, let your wine aerate for about a minute.

2 / Under what conditions should the tasting be done?

It is therefore preferable to do it in a neutral (odors and colors) and calm environment.
> For example, quietly when the children are in bed!
... What better way to enjoy a wine even better in summer?

3 / In what order to taste the wines?

It is also better to start with the less powerful wines.
> The region, the grape variety, the type of breeding are indications of this "power"
> Find the first selections of Domaine du Gout wines

4 / The temperature is key in summer!

But the strong heat that we experience in summer influences us in the choice of wines (color, strength ...).
Tasting a wine in summer is something to prepare ... each season its little tips!
So, each wine must be consumed at the right temperature, but do not hesitate to cool the wine.
- Immerse the bottle in a bucket filled with water, ice cubes and fine salt
- Decant the bottle of wine and immerse it in a bucket of ice
- Wrap the bottle with a damp paper towel in the freezer
Our advice : Avoid excessive and too sudden temperature variations! The wine is fragile, it does not like big variations in temperature.

5 / How to evaluate the wine

Just follow these 3 steps, they will allow you to make your own choice:
> The eye: Look at the wine: the color, the shine, the nuances, the color…
> The nose: Smell the wine - 1st glass nose still and the second nose after shaking and aeration.
> The mouth: Taste the wine - The attack, the development in the mouth and finally the finish

... Rosé wine, your best ally for summer?

You may not know it, but rosé wine represents 30% of the "still" (non-sparkling) wine consumed in France.
We French consume 20 bottles per year and our consumption is only increasing!

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