domaine du gout choississez votre vin préféré

Discover Domaine du Goût and receive 3 bottles of the wine you have tasted and preferred!

Always discover more and better with Domaine du Goût.
After a sunny summer and in the midst of the harvest period, a recurring question arises and re-asks "How do you choose the wine you like and really prefer?"

We know that making your choice is not easy: moving to trade fairs , going to the vineyards, dealing with a radius that is sometimes too large . These are many constraints that can discourage us and often lead us to a default choice.
With Domaine du Goût we want to make buying wine easy, fun and above all so that you can do it with confidence and according to your own choice.

The idea of Domaine du Goût was born from a simple observation.

Choosing your wine is never easy and above all it is a personal choice.
We all have our own tastes and preferences.
This is the reason why we are the only ones to offer you to taste before ordering.
With Domaine du Goût receive the wine you have tasted and preferred!
Say NO to buying wines that you are not sure you like… and say YES to buying thoughtful and confident.

Taste the wonderful wines of Domaine du Goût

With Domaine du Goût you receive a selection of three wines every six weeks from Thierry Dorge , our consultant sommelier.
Thierry will surprise you with these three wonderful wines.
For example, we are currently offering a Bourgogne Pinot Noir, a Chiroubles and a Côtes du Roussillon!
Wines that will delight your taste buds and above all will make you discover real nuggets from our French vineyards.
We bring a very particular requirement to the selection of our wines. This is also the reason why our offer is limited to 3 wines per box… but what vintages 😊!

A great gift idea

Domaine du Goût is a great idea for discovering new wines and opening up to new appellations, but above all it is a unique gift idea.
Offer a subscription to our box and your referral will only be satisfied.
Indeed, you know that he / she loves wine, but the question always remains the same: what wine to offer him / her?
With Domaine du Goût he will always have the last word because it is he / she who will choose the three bottles of his choice according to his own taste.

And since images are always more meaningful than great speeches, discover without further delay our video Domaine du Goût

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