cartes de voeux 2019 Domaine du Goût

The year 2018 was XXL for us ... but it is mainly thanks to you! And to think that a year ago we decided to take up a pretty crazy challenge: Launch a start up / in the world of wine / with an innovative concept!

... Already a lot of very positive results and points that converge. Like any project, a value proposition that evolves, that is structured and that we improve, thanks to our community. And already full of new ideas for 2019!

If there are 6 major facts to remember:

1 / A crowdfunding campaign carried out at the start of the year (target achieved in 11 days ...).

2 / The official launch of Domaine du Goût for Father's Day with our first subscriptions. And new devotees with each new tasting box.

3 / Hundreds of "young" children who have rediscovered the joys of the Advent calendar .

4 / The presence of Domaine du Goût in beautiful media: Madame Figaro , Elle à Table , Marie France , France Bleu ...

5 / Wonderful bloggers who gave pride of place to our project: pasdesaladeentrenous, paulettedittout, carol_ananas, floriane_lt, penny_soo, dansluniversdeva ... and many others !.

6 / ... And all this embellished with private tasting evenings all over France.

But, what makes us most happy are the many messages and the smiles you send us :-)

So it's up to us to return the elevator to you, wishing you all the best in the world for 2019!

And may this new year make you discover wonderful wines thanks to the astonishing selections of Thierry and the whole team!

Will you do it again? 🍷

Sébastien, Thierry and the entire Domaine du Goût team

And again a very happy new year 2019!