calendrier de l'avents spiritueux Domaine du Goût

If you are familiar with the Domaine du Goût Wine and Spirits Advent Calendars, you may be wondering how they were made. The choice of products, the vinotte and the assembly of calendars: here are all the secrets of a well-mastered production!


Would you like to discover new wines or spirits but don't know where to start? Which white wine or which rum should you be tempted by? By ordering your Advent Calendar Domain taste, you discover products Made in France with a daily tasting from December 1 to December 24!

The wine is chosen by Thierry Dorge , consultant sommelier of Domaine du Goût. Its role is essential: to select the wines according to the diversity of appellations, the representativeness of the terroirs of France and their value for money. It's as if Thierry Dorge took you with him to the four corners of the country to discover 24 products that are our pride in France.

“For me, wine is a passion and above all a moment of sharing. Trainer at the École du Vin in Paris, I spend most of my time in the vineyards, at the winegrowers and at the fairs. This is essential for gaining experience and tasting new or evolving wines. "


Do you want to discover and taste new products without buying several bottles? Vinotte® is made for you!

Vinotte ® is a small bottle in reinforced PET, closed with a screw cap. The concept was developed with the idea of facilitating wine tasting thanks in particular to its simplified mailing.

For vinotte®, Domaine du Goût has entered into a partnership with Vinovae . Developed and manufactured in France, this small 2cl bottle comes from a patented technology which allows the wine to be repackaged in sample under an inert atmosphere devoid of oxygen.

From a 75 cl bottle, Vinovae makes 36 vinottes®. These facilitate transport and storage: their carbon footprint is lower than that of glass.

In addition, there is no difference between the bottle and the vinotte®: the taste, aromas, appearance, color and consistency remain the same.


Who assembles the Advent Calendars? Elves, of course!

In truth, Domaine du Goût has chosen to support the professional integration of disabled people through the preparation of Advent Calendars.

We call on the medico-social establishments Acodège in Marsannay-La-Côte and Le Goéland in Valmy, and we are proud of this choice, which is part of our virtuous business approach.

Each vinotte ® is carefully placed in each box of the calendar so that you can taste a different wine or spirit per day.

With Domaine du Goût, you discover every day a French product that will delight your taste buds. In our Advent Calendars, there is something for everyone! Now that you know (almost) all of our trade secrets, let's bet you'll enjoy our products even more.