Un père et son fils trinquant un verre de vin à la main à l'occasion de la fête des pères

On Sunday June 21, 2020 we will celebrate Father's Day . On this occasion Domaine du Taste delivers you its original gift ideas to delight all dads and especially yours!

The wine box

box de vins domaine du gout

Give your dad the wine he tasted and preferred! With the Domaine du Goût wine box, he receives a tasting box of six vinottes with three wines inside. He tastes and chooses his favorite. Finally, he receives three bottles of his favorite wine!

The Tour in AOC

la tournée en AOC domaine du goût

Make discover the wines of our most beautiful regions. Our sommelier Thierry Dorge has selected 12 wonderful 100% French AOC wines for you. Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Provence and many others. Red, white or rosé wines, there is something for everyone! La Tournée en AOC is the only wine box that takes you on a tour of our most beautiful French appellations. It's the perfect gift to give for Father's Day! Most ? This is a completely blind tasting! Your dad will be able to practice recognizing regions, vintages and appellations!

Wines & Confidences

vins et confidences domaine du goût

A tasting from his living room! With Vins et Confidences your dad receives a box of 4 wines from 2 different regions. It also receives private access to meet the winegrowers live during a tasting evening. The two winegrowers present will explain everything about their estate and the wines on offer. He will even be able to question them live. What to offer a unique and privileged moment just for him!

The Tower of 12 Spirits

la tour de 12 spiritueux

Does your daddy love spirits? Let him set off to discover the spirits of our beautiful French regions with two selections of 12 wonderful spirits from the know-how of our terroirs. Through a unique box, offer him a selection of classics (Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac, Kirsh ...). Or, a selection of modern (organic gin, whiskey from Brittany, rum from Guadeloupe ...). The Tour de 12 Spireux is the promise of offering a trip to the four corners of mainland France and its islands thanks to a range of family distilleries and large houses.

From Dijon to Fort-de France, it's a colorful trip that you will offer your dad!

The 6 spirits box

coffret de 6 spiritueux découvertes domaine du goût

Offer your dad a box of 6 different spirits ! If your dad is a lover of liqueurs or brandy, aperitifs or digestives, this set has everything to delight his taste buds! Choose among the 4 variations of the box the one that will make it travel through France. Les digeos de Papy : Pear brandy Olivet Covifruit, Cordon Rouge Grand Marnier, Absinthe de Pontarlier Aymonier distillery, Génépi des Alpes Guillaumette, Pastis de Marseille Cristal Limiñana, Gentiane d'Auvergne Salers; The AOCs (Outrageously Culottés Alcohols ) : Calvados Christian Drouin, Martinique Neisson agricultural rum, Marc de Bourgogne Briottet, Kirsch de, Fougerolles Paul Devoille, Cognac Braastad, Bas-Armagnac Delord. The avant-garde classics : Meyer's artisanal whiskey, Organic gin aged in Grand Domains cask, Quinoa Vodka Fair, Rum from Guadeloupe Marie-Galante Bielle, Genièvre from Flandres-Artois Claeyssens Wambrechies, Whiskey from Brittany Eddu Silver The liqueur in colors : Crème de Dijon Briottet Blackcurrant, Velay Verbena, Braastad Cognac Liqueur Cream, Yellow Izarra, Giffard Mint-Pastille, Cambusier Myrtle Liqueur

Box of 24 Spirits

coffret de 24 spiritueux domaine du goût

A last gift idea for Father's Day? We have it ! If your dad happens to be a very big fan of spirits offer him the only c Offret tasting 24 spiritu them 100% French. Spirits with an alcohol level ranging from 16% to 75%, from 15 French regions. This box will allow him to discover the wealth of our artisan distillers. He couldn't ask for a better way to satisfy his curiosity about spirits!