Vin rosé posé sur une table en été

This weekend, in addition to celebrating our dear dads, we will be celebrating the arrival of summer this Saturday, June 20. Who says summer, says return of picnics, aperitifs in the garden, and barbecues with friends! With the hot summer months, however, we do not always know which wines to drink. Indeed, there is no question of uncorking a full-bodied red wine that could put your guests to sleep. However, we reassure lovers of red wines, the three colors can be drunk throughout the summer even in high temperatures! We tell you more below.


Rosé wine is the wine of summer! This is what we think of first to serve, and to taste when the weather is hot and sunny. However, not all rosés are refreshing. Indeed, beware of full-bodied rosés which are easily recognized by their more sustained dresses. So save your Languedoc and Rhône Valley rosés for later to better appreciate them on cooler days. We will favor very clear, fruity rosés which will have a light taste. The dry rosés will be the most refreshing. The rosé wines of the Loire Valley and Provence will go perfectly to accompany your tomato-mozzarella salads. The clear rosés also go very well with cold meats. We don't hesitate to combine Parma ham and fresh melon for a successful mix of flavors!


In summer, we drink very fresh white wines, between 8 and 12 degrees. Exception, however, for certain great Burgundy or Alsace whites whose wine must not be drunk below 10 degrees in order to preserve their fragrance. For white wines to be tasted during the summer, we prefer dry and mineral white wines, which are more refreshing. Wines from the South of France, Corsica, the Loire Valley and some light Burgundy will be ideal. We avoid mellow and syrupy wines, too sweet which would tend to make us thirsty. White wines will go very well with seafood or grilled fish.


Light red wines can be drunk during the summer and can even be very pleasant to drink in hot weather. We avoid tannic red wines, full-bodied and structured like the wines of Langudoc and South West, much too heavy when it's hot. Red wines from the Loire Valley, Beaujolais, Pinot noir from Alsace or even from Burgundy will be perfect for summer meals. Favor fruity reds, and serve them between 12 and 14 °. To keep your red wine cool, place your bottle in the refrigerator for half an hour. The wine will be slightly chilled and ready to be served. The light red wines will go perfectly with your grills on the occasion of a barbecue.


For the more festive, we serve chilled champagnes and crémants between 8 and 10 degrees. If you are outside, we recommend that you serve them chilled (in cold water with ice cubes). For the countryside, prefer extra brut, which is drier and with lower sugar content, they will be the most thirst-quenching. If you prefer semi-dry Champagne, like the great palaces, try "the pool" by adding ice cubes to your glass. The cold of the ice cubes will balance the sugar of the demi-sec for a fresh and sparkling result! Another star of the summer, the spritz. Mixture made from the Italian aperitif Aperol, prosecco, also Italian and elongated with sparkling water, it is served chilled and at any time of the day!