Une famille rénuie pour fêter un anniversaire

Are you celebrating a loved one's birthday in the coming weeks and running out of gift ideas? Domaine du Goût lists its ideas for you to offer the gift that will always please!

A little history

The first traces of the celebration of birthdays date back to Antiquity. Indeed, the day of birth was the subject of a celebration, the natalice (birthday meal in Latin). This celebration took place in the form of a religious rite, either private or public. However, it was only reserved for emperors, and these "anniversaries" often gave rise to sacrifices. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs also celebrated birthdays, but not that of their birth but that of their first day of reign. The Chinese and the Persians meanwhile, fans of astrology and calendars celebrated the day of birth by organizing large banquets.

The custom of celebrating one's birthday disappears in the Middle Ages when the birthdays were often unknown. In France it is the day of baptism that was recorded in the civil status and not the day of birth until 1972. In addition, the custom has long been banned by the Catholic Church. Indeed, she considered the celebration of the birthday as a sin of pride and as a pagan custom, recalling that birth is the fruit of original sin. Thus, we preferred to celebrate the day of the Saint whose name we bore.

It was not until much later that the custom took hold, in particular thanks to Anglo-Saxon influence. To tell the truth, it was only during the 20th century that the celebration became commonplace, first among children, then fully among adults from the 1970s, in the context of the booming consumer society of the time. . The individual is valued more and the lifespan continues to lengthen.

Birthday cake and candles

It is the Greeks who are famous for having invented the birthday cake. In fact, they used to place round cakes decorated with candles on top as an offering to Artemis. Artemis, goddess of the star and of the night, the round shape of the cake therefore evoked the full moon.

More recently, it is in the writings of Goethe in 1802 where the first mention of candles on a cake appears, he thus evokes those for his 53 years.

Why do we celebrate birthdays?

Because it's a rite

An obligatory rite of passage, the anniversary gives everyone the opportunity to take stock of the different stages of life.

Important step in children and adolescents as they grow and evolve. In adults, it allows them to take stock of their life, their friends, their family life, their professional life. This phenomenon is even more true when reaching round numbers. Birthdays thus make it possible to help us in the construction of our person and our life.

Because it is above all the opportunity to share a happy and good time

Birthdays are above all an opportunity to get together with friends and family to have a good time. It is also an opportunity to celebrate another loved one and to show him his affection by offering him a beautiful gift.

Domaine du Goût birthday gift ideas

If you are looking for an original, unique and personalized gift for a close wine or spirits lover, quickly discover our 100% personalized gifts:


Box vins domaine du gout

Give the most beautiful gift to your loved one with the wine they have tasted and preferred! With the Domaine du Goût wine box, he receives a tasting box of six vinottes with three wines inside. Your loved one tastes and chooses their favorite. Finally, he receives three bottles of his favorite wine!


Vins et confidences domaine du gout

A tasting from his living room! With Wines and Confidences he / she receives a box of 4 wines from 2 different regions. He / she also receives private access to meet the winegrowers live during a tasting evening. The two winegrowers present will explain everything about their estate and the wines on offer. He will even be able to question them live. What to offer a unique and privileged moment, it is the birthday gift that will remain unforgettable!


Tournée en AOC Domaine du Goût

Is your loved one a curious mind? Give him the original gift that will be sure to please him! With the Tour in AOC, make him discover 12 wonderful 100% French AOC wines. Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Provence and many others. Red, white, or rosé wines. Most ? It's a completely blind tasting!


Tour 12 Sppiritueux Domaine du Gout

If your loved one is more of a spirits lover, offer them one of our superb boxes of spirits 100% from the know-how of our regions. Choose between 2 selections (one classic and one modern) and take it on a journey through all of Metropolitan France and its islands. From Dijon to Fort-de-France, it's a colorful journey.

An original gift that will surprise him!