A barbecue with family or friends is planned and you do not necessarily know which wine to serve for the occasion, with which dish? Domaine du Goût invites you to discover the best choices of wines to accompany all your grills.

The classics: merguez and sausages

True stars of our summer barbecues , sausages and merguez are the most consumed and popular grills on our plates. For them, it is necessary to choose the wine according to the taste they have. For the merguez we will choose Beaujolais wines and certain other Rhône reds with spicy and intense fruit notes which will sublimate them. Rosé and merguez also go very well together. What better way to feel on vacation than these two together? We recommend a light rosé for the aperitif, then a rosé with character for the meal, such as Clairet, a wine from the Bordeaux region. It will go perfectly with chipolatas. To accompany sausages as well, Pays d'Oc wines work very well. A little spicy, they will go perfectly with the toasted aromas of the chipolatas.

Red meats

With strong-character meats such as beef, we are moving towards red wines with aromas of red and black fruits, all in flavor. Preferably fleshy and tannic wines, simple but powerful to accompany the taste of beef. For this, we recommend wines from Languedoc or the Rhône Valley to enhance your meats. Bordeaux wines are also highly recommended.

White meats

To accompany white meats such as pork or chicken, favor young and light wines. A very fresh rosé from the Mediterranean or the Loire will go perfectly with marinated white meats. A light and above all fruity red like a Beaujolais, a Gamay or a red Sancerre is also a very good choice for your white meats.

Fish and shellfish

For fish, opt for a lively wine that will reduce the overly pronounced taste of grilled fish. A dry and cool white wine will be ideal. Alsace wines in particular such as Pinot blanc and Riesling which are wines with very fruity and flowery aromas will sublimate these grilled meats. For shellfish such as prawns and prawns for example, rosés are highly recommended. A pretty Côte de Provence will accompany your prawns elegantly.

Running out of wine for your barbecue?

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