foire aux vins

Here we go again ! As every year at the same period, wine is celebrating everywhere in France on the occasion of the famous Wine Fair! The opportunity to find good deals and refuel your cellar to face the winter!

What is the Wine Fair?

The wine fair is the annual meeting place for wine lovers. It takes place in September-October, and generally coincides with the harvest period. It is a major event for players in the wine sector, the fair allows them to offer their range to a wider audience. For large-scale retailers, the wine fair is also a crucial event allowing them to attract a large concentration of consumers. For the latter, it is an opportunity to go fishing for bargains, and to be tempted by new areas or new appellations. The opportunity also to restock your cellar while saving money!

Where does the Wine Fair come from?

The first wine fair is Breton! The idea of organizing wine fairs was born in the early 1970s at Scamor, which is the Breton purchasing center in the region-cradle of E.Leclerc stores. It was François-Paul Bordais, president of Scarmor at the time, who would have had the idea. He would thus have entrusted Antoine Polard, member of the municipality of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, with the task of proposing an offer of a few quality bottles for an unprecedented sale. In 1973 on the dates of November 4, 5 and 6, the E.Leclerc brand therefore created the first wine fair in the town of Saint-Pol de Léon in Finistère. The commercial operation was intended on the one hand to reconnect city dwellers with the rhythm of the seasons. As well as democratizing the consumption of top quality wines. And on the other hand, to help the winegrowers to empty the stocks of their cellars without selling at a loss before the arrival of the new vintage.

Wine Fair

What changes from year to year?

Depending on the year and weather conditions, the price and stocks differ from year to year. For this 2020 wine fair, several advantages will be expected for consumers due to Covid 19. Indeed, due to the confinement, many bottles have not found takers. Prices will therefore be attractive and down compared to previous years. A year with more choices too! For this 2020 edition, the wines of small producers usually reserved for wine merchants will be arriving in supermarkets. Enough to make nice discoveries and do a good deed by helping our wonderful winegrowers.

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