A realization made in France

Domaine du Goût is first of all a meeting between Sébastien, its founder, and Thierry, the sommelier; both are lovers of French gastronomy and its wines. Domaine du Goût is also the result of collaborative work with agencies ( Insign , Temps Réel ), partners ( LaFoodTech , Village by CA ), and all this would not have been possible without the help of institutional partners. ( AER , BPI , Entrepreneur Network , BFC Region ). In other words, this project mobilized resources from all over France. This is part of our guarantees at Domaine du Goût. We are therefore proud to be able to offer you a 100% French project: from the idea, to the design until its realization. Our teams are notably in Dijon, Lyon and Paris

Domaine du Gôut garantie made in France

Patented technology

Our guarantees in terms of Vinottes. Quality and taste are our priority! We want you to be able to choose your wine with confidence and that the wine you taste in the Vinottes perfectly reflects the wine you will be serving to your loved ones in a few months. Developed and manufactured in France (made in France), Vinotte ® by Vinovae is the result of a patented technology which allows the wine to be repackaged in sample under an inert atmosphere and devoid of oxygen. The organoleptic properties are preserved and thus respect the purest expression of each wine. This product has been validated by numerous sommeliers and oenologists. It is therefore a total guarantee to taste a wine faithful to the development of our partner winegrowers.

vinotte qualité brevetée

The perfect dose to taste

Our guarantees in terms of tasting. 2cl is the ideal quantity for tasting, it is the one that is served to you in winegrowers' salons, for example. With this quantity, which is equivalent to 2 sips, you get a precise opinion on the color, the bouquet and the aromas.

verre de dégustation de vin

Secure payment

Our guarantees in terms of payment. We use e-transaction payment technology (Crédit Agricole). Its infrastructure for storing, decrypting and transmitting card numbers runs independently, without sharing any sensitive information with Crédit Agricole's main services. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Strict compliance with regulations and the most rigorous industry standards and guidelines. E-transaction integrates the latest technologies with an innovative platform that is constantly improving and offers new features regularly. Crédit Agricole invests heavily in securing infrastructure, in close partnership with recognized security experts. It is therefore the safe and secure way for you to make your payments. our guarantees.

paiment sécurisé

Ecological and responsible PET

PET is a very light material (8 times lighter than glass) and unbreakable. Its carbon footprint is twice lower than that of glass and PET is recyclable. Combined with the screw cap, this container allows easy use. It is therefore the ideal packaging to send by mail in the tasting box.

vinotte en PET recyclable