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Offer a wonderful wine tasting box. The tasting box contains 4 different wines in the form of Vinottes. The Vinottes will allow the person to whom you have chosen to please to taste our pre-selection. She will then receive 3 identical bottles of her favorite wine. For € 4.90 more, we send you two tasting boxes to be able to taste for two!

I am an element of conthaque Vinotte made 2cl: it is the ideal quantity for tasting, that which is served at wine-growing fairs for example. This corresponds to 2 sips, which allows you to form a precise opinion on the color, the bouquet and the aromas. Click the edit button to change this text.

For any order placed before noon, we send the box the same day. We deliver with La Poste. It will therefore take 24 to 48 hours maximum for the person you have spoiled to receive their tasting box in their mailbox. The lucky priority of the tasting box will then have 15 days to send us their choice of favorite wine. And if she's late, no problem we will still accept her choice of wine.

The pre-selection is made by Thierry Dorge, instructor at the School of Wines and Spirits in Paris. Thierry spends his days in the vineyards and at trade fairs, which allows him to learn every day about wines and the wine world. He is there to find you wonderful wines, which are then proposed and validated during one of our intractable tasting committees.

To begin with, each month we offer in your wine box a selection of 4 wines from 2 different estates. Both from different regions and 100% French AOC. For you, we have traveled through the French vineyards. Surprise is part of the game and part of our wine box, but for this month of December we are offering two Burgundy wines and two Alsace wines. So, our wine box is not pretty.

When choosing wine, the recipient of your superb gift will choose 3 identical bottles (only one choice possible). If he wants to mix them up, then he can contact us and we will do our utmost to satisfy him! chatbox or +33 7 66 37 26 76

Of course ! You can go to our store to order. chatbox or +33 7 66 37 26 76

We avoid shipments at the end of the week in order to prevent the boxes from remaining on logistics platforms during the weekend (storage conditions are not really the most suitable for wine). However, if your shipment is urgent, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get it out as soon as possible.

We send the tasting boxes containing the Vinottes by La Poste: they are adapted to the format of a classic letterbox. The 3 bottles chosen by the recipient of your gift will be shipped with UPS, our partner. Home delivery or Point Relais (depending on the delivery method chosen when ordering the box).

Accordion content

Yes it's possible ! Our service is developed for this. When ordering, you will provide the address for the tasting box. And only when choosing wine will the recipient of the gift be able to give us the delivery address (Home or Point Relais).