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Taste 4 wines from 2 regions from your sofa through a unique tasting led by our sommelier Thierry Dorge, trainer at the School of Wines and Spirits of Paris.

Also meet the winemakers of the wines on offer, they will explain everything about their estate and the vintages presented.

You will be able to question them live.

The winegrowers with whom you have meeting Wednesday April 14 at 8:30 p.m.

Laurent Vergely
Domaine Laurent Miquel

Baptiste Guyot
Domaine Baptiste Guyot

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1h of discussion with our
2 winegrowers

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A one-hour animation with Thierry

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We offer you the first wine tasting in your sofa. It is about an invitation to travel and discovery. So you will taste the 4 wonderful wines two from wine regions. We will accompany you to taste the vintages live with our sommelier Thierry Dorge, you can question him live. For € 4.90 more, choose the duo offer, we will send you an additional wine tasting box, in order to share it with your other half or a friend.

Note, we give you an appointment on the second Wednesday for a live tasting. On the one hand, you on your sofa, on the other, Thierry Dorge our sommelier, trainer at the Ecole du Vin in Paris. who will animate the tasting. He will present you the 4 wines that you taste as well as the chocolates that accompany them. You can ask him all the questions you want! Thus, we want this tasting as interactive as possible ... as if you were in their winery, a form of wine tourism 2.0! As a general rule, the session will last between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes (depending on your questions)

Absolutely, that's a great idea! Indeed, we too see wine as a moment of sharing. So, choose the “Duo” option and for € 4.90 more we will send you the Vinottes in duplicate.

For the tasting we have selected 4 wines from two beautiful wine regions.

To begin with, 48 hours before the tasting we will send you a summary email with your (secure) login details to follow the tasting. Also, we will take the opportunity to give you some preparation advice (how to best prepare your session (glasses, environment ...)

Note that we do not want this tasting as a wine course! Indeed, it is a moment of sharing, a virtual club. This is why we invite you to meet every second Wednesday of each month (except in August and December)!

First, you will receive your tasting box of 2 vinottes. These vinottes contain 2 wines from 2 winegrowers. In this way, it is these vinottes that will allow you to carry out the tasting. Then, 48 hours before the date of the live tasting, we will send you an email containing your (secure) login details to follow the tasting as well as preparation advice. Then, during the tasting, you can question the winegrowers directly and ask them all your questions. Finally, you will have access to the replay of the tasting online to review everything.

Subject to this reservation, do not hesitate to write to pauline@domaineudugoû or call 07 66 37 26 76. In this regard, Domaine du Goût guarantees delivery times in mainland France. Thus, your order will arrive within 48 hours.

Note that the best is to participate with a computer or a tablet. The tasting will take place using the secure ZOOM application that you will need to download beforehand. Finally, all other necessary details will be sent by e-mail 48 hours before the tasting.

In principle, you must access the tasting at the time indicated in the email that you will receive 48 hours before the tasting. However, as a reminder, the tastings take place at 8:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.

Even if you are late and the tasting is already underway, you can join it anytime live. Also, you can review the entire tasting later in replay whenever you want.

Subject to this reservation, do not hesitate to write to pauline@domaineudugoû or call 07 66 37 26 76. In this regard, Domaine du Goût guarantees delivery times in mainland France. Thus, your order will arrive within 48 hours.

The pre-selection is made by Thierry Dorge, instructor at the School of Wines and Spirits in Paris. Thierry spends his days in the vineyards and at trade fairs, which allows him to learn every day about wines and the wine world. He is there to find you wonderful wines, which are then proposed and validated during one of our intractable tasting committees.

I am an element of conthaque Vinotte made 2cl: it is the ideal quantity for tasting, that which is served at wine-growing fairs for example. This corresponds to 2 sips, which allows you to form a precise opinion on the color, the bouquet and the aromas. Click the edit button to change this text.

For any order placed before noon, we send the box the same day. We deliver with La Poste. It will therefore take 24 to 48 hours maximum for the person you have spoiled to receive their tasting box in their mailbox. The lucky priority of the tasting box will then have 15 days to send us their choice of favorite wine. And if she's late, no problem we will still accept her choice of wine.

Yes it's possible ! Our service is developed for this. When ordering, you will provide the address for the tasting box. And only when choosing wine will the recipient of the gift be able to give us the delivery address (Home or Point Relais).

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