Live a unique experience of private tasting of wines and chocolates, online on Zoom, led by our sommelier Thierry Dorge.

Vins & Chocolates is a private online tasting, it is the perfect event to end a seminar and discover our food and wine selections in partnership with the Chocolaterie Dufoux.

For you, we organize the first private wine and chocolate pairing tasting that suits you.

Through a tasting of four wines and their chocolates , designed exclusively for you, share a privileged and friendly moment to awaken your taste buds.

Our online wine and chocolate tasting is the ideal solution for teams located throughout France, Europe or the four corners of the globe!

Exclusively for you ...

For this event, we have selected four Premiers Crus wines from different domains in Burgundy for you .

In order to share with you a unique moment , find for each of the wines, our associated chocolates to enhance your wines .

In addition, also take advantage of your personalized glasses to offer (Domaine du Goût or your logo), to perfect this moment.

In a few words ...

A tasting box for each of your guests.

As well as their selection
of chocolates

1h private tasting with our sommelier Thierry Dorge

From 6 to 250 guests

Presence in Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and Africa

In French or in English


Wines & Chocolates is a private tasting, online on ZOOM . Thus, it is aimed at companies wishing for example to close a seminar, as well as a webinar or quite simply, the end of the year! In addition, it is hosted live for 1 hour, by our sommelier Thierry Dorge .

To begin with, your tasting is done in 1 month top chrono. D-30: First, we validate together the tasting boxes and all your customizations. D-5: Then, you receive your boxes at home. D-Day: Finally, it's time for your private tasting on ZOOM live with our sommelier consultant Thierry Dorge. Above all, the event takes place at the date and time of your choice. Ideal after a meeting, a management committee or to close the end of a project.

First of all, Vins & Chocolats is a totally tailor-made offer. Therefore, please contact us so that we can make a free estimate that will totally meet your expectations. However, the event is from 89 € HT.

Indeed, you can customize everything (or almost). In particular from the selection of wines, to the word personalized to your colors, including the duration of the tasting: your choices will be ours! In addition, we offer our services in French and English, choose your language!

First of all, the tasting box includes 4 vinottes to taste 4 different wines. They are accompanied by wine and advice sheets that you can keep at home. The box will allow you to follow the tasting hosted live by Thierry Dorge, our consultant sommelier.

No None! Thus, the price indicated includes the entire service and will therefore not require additional costs apart from those initially foreseen.

First of all, the cards give you information and advice during the tasting. In short, both the conditions of the tasting and the food and wine pairings must be respected as best as possible in order to finally capture all the subtleties. In addition, these sheets will also allow you to keep in mind all the advice on each wine for future occasions.

It is our sommelier Thierry Dorge, WSET level 3 graduate and professor at the Paris School of Wines and Spirits, who carefully selects each of the wines according to your preferences so that they really correspond to you.

I am an element of conthaque Vinotte made 2cl: it is the ideal quantity for tasting, that which is served at wine-growing fairs for example. This corresponds to 2 sips, which allows you to form a precise opinion on the color, the bouquet and the aromas. Click the edit button to change this text.