Discover the wines of our beautiful French regions . A selection from our sommelier Thierry Dorge of 12 wonderful wines .

Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Provence and many others. Red, white, rosé, there is something for everyone !

The only wine box that takes you on a tour of the most beautiful French appellations .

How it works ?

Receive your tasting tour of 12 vinottes

Taste blind

Discover the wines you have tasted directly on our site

Recommend your favorite wines on our store.

But what's inside?

A selection from our
sommelier Thierry Dorge

100% French AOC wines!

Will you recognize yourself
regions, appellations,
estates and vintages?

Your tour in AOC
delivered in 48-72 hours!

12 wines
12 regions
3 colors


You receive your Tour in AOC 100% Made in France at first. La Tournée en AOC contains 12 different wines in the form of Vinottes. These Vinottes will allow you a blind tasting. You will be able to find the wines you taste on our dedicated page (the link to this page will be delivered to you with the product). You will then have the opportunity to order the wines you have tasted from our shop.

I am an element of conthaque Vinotte made 2cl: it is the ideal quantity for tasting, that which is served at wine-growing fairs for example. This corresponds to 2 sips, which allows you to form a precise opinion on the color, the bouquet and the aromas. Click the edit button to change this text.

For any order placed before noon, we send the Tour in AOC the same day. So we deliver with UPS for home deliveries and Chronopos t in Point Relais. It will therefore take 24 to 48 hours maximum to receive it.

The pre-selection is made by Thierry Dorge, instructor at the School of Wines and Spirits in Paris. Thierry spends his days in the vineyards and at trade fairs, which allows him to learn every day about wines and the wine world. He is there to find you wonderful wines, which are then proposed and validated during one of our intractable tasting committees.

Your 100% Made in France AOC Tour is made to discover and recommend your favorites! So you can go to our store to order. chatbox or +33 7 66 37 26 76