You have received your 24 Vinotte Blind Tasting Calendar.

Now discover behind each box the wine sheet of one of the wonderful wines from this selection of 24 100% French wines . Did you think you'd taken the tour?

With Domaine du Goût, discover the most beautiful appellations of our regions. E n red, white and rosé, there is something for everyone! (Côte du Rhône, Côte de Provence, Saint-Emilion, Crozes-Hermitage, ...)

Thierry's advice for a successful tasting:

One glass for each wine. A glass for each wine

A neutral environment (smells, colors and calm).

Before starting the tasting, let your wine aerate for about a minute

How to properly analyze your wine:

Look at the wine:
The color, the shine,
the nuances, the dress.

Smell the wine:
First glass nose immobile, the second nose after agitation and aeration.

Taste the wine:
The attack, the development in the mouth and finally the final note.

Very nice tasting!

To discover your wine, scratch the box corresponding to the pictogram on your vinotte.