Photo de vignes pendant les vendanges

Harvesting earlier and earlier ... the fault of a hot summer!

The summer was hot ... very hot!

Temperatures have soared again this summer; on the beaches, in the countryside and in massifs ... and also in the water!
It is not Domaine du Goût that says it, but the scientists! Here is a good testimony "France experienced in July the third hottest month in more than a century and is heading for the second hottest summer since 1900" ... Each one has his own area of expertise!
These high temperatures are the delight of holidaymakers and that of many tourism professionals.

The vines are directly impacted ... but nothing serious, on the contrary!

This changing climate which has been evolving for nearly half a century has a direct impact on our crops, and more particularly our vines.
You will know that the plant is thermophilic and therefore, the heat accelerates the maturity of the vines. Sunshine has an extremely positive effect on the vine.
And as always, it is a work of precision and expertise carried out by our winegrowers. They must control the evolution of the berries, and in particular the level of sweetness! The heat should not be too intense either because then there is a lack of water, and therefore the vine stops its ripening.

Increasingly precocious harvests:

A grape that ripens faster is a grape that must be harvested faster. And it can be seen in the numbers. In 40 years, the harvests have been brought forward by two weeks !
This is a lot and it is still being verified this year with the first blows of secateurs which have already been heard; Alsace, Champagne, Côtes du Rhône and soon Burgundy!
While this makes it possible to already prepare for the start of the school year and smooth out the workload, it also becomes a headache to find seasonal workers who are often still on vacation.

And the taste in all of this?

The good news is that conditions in recent months have been quite favorable, with a few loan exceptions. Indeed, some plots may have been affected by unfortunate natural events :-( The volumes and quality will be there! We should have a production increase of 20% (after a particularly complicated 2017). sun and hot weather will not be outdone! ... And that for the greatest happiness of all the amateurs that you are! It is our colleagues of Figaro who underline it. Count on us to follow the harvests closely. can't wait to give them a taste, but it will take a little patience.

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