verre de vin rouge et planche des fromages français

A strong symbol of the culture of our country, wine is a product in its own right, inseparable from the national identity in the eyes of the French. What about the relationship that the French have with wine? Domaine du Goût gives you the key figures to better understand our consumption habits.

Key figures for the wine market in France

With more than 750,000 hectares spread over 66 departments, our country represents 11% of the world surface area of wine vines.
In 2018, France produced 4.6 billion liters of wine, i.e. 17% of the planet's wine, including 55% red wines, 26% white wines and 19% rosé wines. France understands 363 AOC 74 IGP. With 292 million hectoliters produced that year, our country is in second place behind Italy and ahead of Spain in terms of production.

A real economic asset, wine represents 15% of agricultural production in France for an area of only 3% of French agricultural land. In addition, one in five farmers owns a wine-making activity in France. The wine-growing sector generates more than 500,000 direct (winegrowers) and indirect (employees, jobs, seasonal, service and logistics companies, administrations) jobs in our country.

Export and tourism are the main sources of income for the sector.

France is the leading wine exporting country in the world. 30% of wine is sold for export. 56% in Europe and 44% outside Europe . Wine is the second French export sector with 11.7 billion euros in profits behind aeronautics and ahead of cosmetics. In 2019, the income generated by French wine exports reached the sum of 13 billion euros.

In addition to exports, wine tourism is a very flourishing market. Indeed, France being the most visited country in the world and tourism the leading French activity. Due to their well-established reputation, French vineyards have become a privileged destination with no less than 10 million visitors each year, of which 39% are foreign wine tourists.

The consumption of the French.

With no less than 44 liters consumed per person per year, or 58 bottles, France is the country where the most wine is consumed after the Vatican (more than 50 liters). On average, an adult French person consumes 51.2 liters of wine per year, all types of wine combined. A declining figure since 20 years ago the consumption of the French amounted to 71.5 liters. This trend is explained by the fact that the French have become more demanding! They consume less but better, giving wine an average annual budget of € 283.40.

How do the French choose their wines?

On average, the frequency of wine purchases from a French household is 1.7 times a month. The frequency for offering is from her 0.5 times per month. While the majority of buyers favor bottled wine (9 out of 10 buyers), 1 in 4 buyers buy wine in a cubicle and 1 in 3 in crates.

The main channel for buying wine is the supermarket. In fact, supermarkets represent 61% of French wine purchases. Then comes the purchase directly from a producer with 18% and the wine merchant with 16%.

Online sales, which are becoming more and more commonplace, represent 9% of French wine purchases.

An importance to taste

The importance of taste in the choice of wine is a determining element. Indeed, 27% of buyers consider it very important to be able to taste. In addition, 24% of them consider that it is part of the top 3 of the choice criteria.

In addition, almost 1 in 4 French people say that the fact that a wine is awarded a medal is a distinctive criterion.

91% of amateurs consume wine at least once a week and buy on average twice as much wine per month for the household. For 46% of them the possibility of tasting before buying is considered very important. They buy more in bottles (86%), as well as in cases (64%).

The entourage: main criterion of choice

Word of mouth is for the French the main criterion of choice in a wine, in particular for amateurs and regular consumers. In fact, 56% of them buy a bottle on the advice of those around them. Overall, our loved ones know our tastes, so their opinion is reliable.

In second place we find the opinion of professionals with 40% of French people who admit to choosing their wine according to the opinion of a wine professional. Then comes the opinion of restaurateurs or waiters who are used to advising customers and willingly share their knowledge.

Finally 22% of French people rely on the internet and search engines to choose the wine they need. Quick, easy to access and use, the multiplication of specialized sites and blogs dedicated to wine lovers has allowed this way of choosing wine to be amplified. The opinions of Internet users concerning a bottle are an additional help to facilitate its choice.

Red, white or rosé? What is the favorite wine of the French?

After analysis, it is red that comes first. Indeed, it would seem that red wine is acclaimed by 38% of French people followed by 23% by rosé and 20% for white wine (19% choosing none).

This can be explained by the fact that France has a lot more red grape varieties than white grape varieties. Red wine is also favored by restaurant owners, 98% of which include a red reference in their menu against 89% for white wine.

However, when we take a closer look, we see that not all French people have the same tastes in wine. And yes, age and gender as well as geographic location influence French wine preferences.

Different tastes according to the French

First of all, the younger populations (18-25 years) are more oriented towards whites and rosés. The trend is then reversed between 25 and 65 years since it is the red wine which is the most appreciated by this age group at 36%. The preference for red wine peaks among seniors at 53% against 21% for white wine and 18% for rosé. Indeed, red wine, more complex, requires more experience to be appreciated.
Moreover, it is men who prefer red wines. Indeed, no less than half cite it first in their preferences. This is explained by the fact that the wines are often stronger and racy, they are tannic and have much more present aromas which appeal to men. As a result, the percentage of women preferring red wine is only 28%. A result very close to those of white and rosé, tied at 25%.

Finally, geography is also a criterion that determines the wine preferences of the French. As a result, red wine is more popular in the Rhône-Alpes region (48%) as well as in Burgundy (41%). The two regions are lands where red wine is in the spotlight. White dominates him in Alsace at 30%. Finally, rosé prevails in Provence-Alpes-Côte-D'Azur, Corsica and Languedoc-Roussillon at 36%.