Thierry Dorge, a wine lover

For me, wine is a passion and above all a moment of sharing. Trainer at the Ecole du Vin in Paris, I spend most of my time in the vineyards, at the winegrowers and at the fairs. This is essential for gaining experience and tasting new or evolving wines. My passion ? You unearth a new selection of wine every month.

It's an endless passion, you have to persevere, always looking for new treasures. I like to introduce them to others. Finding the perfect time to enjoy them as it should be, while of course continuing to savor the wines we already love and follow their development. These moments are precious to make known the regions, the grape varieties and the wines of the whole world!

Finally, one of my favorite moments is the smiles that I can read when I introduce a wine that pleases. With fruit, a perfect balance and a dose of complexity!

… In short, I am rarely at my desk and all this so that my selections delight your palate. A pleasure to make this wine selection every month for you!

It is through my descriptive sheets and tasting tips that you can find each month in your Domaine du Goût box that I will be in direct contact with you. All this, with the sole aim of guiding you step by step in your tasting. I will also give you wine conservation advice, and simple food / wine pairing ideas to have the most pleasant moments. Of course, a description of each wine in the selection, developed by me will also be present, thanks to its sheets you will quickly become an ace of tasting!